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Fulfilling millions of orders each year, CPGIO has built a solvent, profitable company that's here to stay.

With the recent shutdown of our largest competitor, Packable, you'll be hard-pressed to find another CPG-focused distributor as specialized and well-equipped as CPGIO. With just over 400 brands on the CPGIO platform and 10 years of service, we've grown to become one of the top-ranked Amazon sellers in the world. 

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In recent months, we've helped support a number of brands needing an immediate 3P solution and transition partner. Our rapid onboarding process, ability to purchase goods, and experience keeping up with the fast-moving 3P market makes CPGIO the ideal candidate. 

The CPGIO Team: Driving Marketplace Success

We think it's worth a note that we've built a battle tested foundation without venture capital or private equity. We've built a business in one of the harshest margin industries using data, risk management, and financial oversight. The constraints we've had over the years have forced us to dig deeper with our partners, innovate, disrupt. Our yearn for doing more with our partners has helped us withstand Covid, Amazon's ever increasing fees, and most recently, what feels like a recession. 

Amid these challenges, CPGIO is slated to become the #1 CPG omni-channel distributor and 3PL of our kind, thanks to an incredible team of hardworking people, intelligent leaders, and such fantastic brand partners. Remarkably, the average employee at CPGIO has been with us for over 4 years. Our entire leadership team has been with us for over 7 years. Sufficient to say, we are incredibly resilient and here for the long haul. 

"Onboarding with CPGIO was a painless experience and they move fast. They understand the 3P world unlike anyone else we have ever worked with. We're excited to see how this plays out." - Matthew Kellman, Maesa

One of the major factors in our growth can be attributed to our account management culture, training, and the support our staff gets from their peers. We've built a way of working that generates huge tradeoffs between team members. At any given moment, there can be as many as 15 people simultaneously working to meet an individual brand's potential.  


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Each team member specializes in a unique function. Each of us are part of a human powered machine—we're built different. With the help of velocity based project management tools like Pivotal Tracker, and our execution task force, we get a lot done, quickly and competently. Ultimately, this gives our partners faster speed-to-shelf and more ground coverage.

If you need a serious 3P player on your team or are searching for the ultimate DTC one-stop-shop, schedule a chat with our team and let's get the ball rolling. 

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