Add new sales channels with ease.

Integrate Google Shopping, Google Shopping, Google Shopping Integration, Google Merchant Center Integration

Google Shopping

Connect your brand store to Google Shopping for more search visibility.

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Integrate Shopify, Integrate Shopify With Amazon, Integrate Shopify With Influencers


Integrate Shopify to CPGIO's fulfillment OMS.

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Sell on Target marketplace, Integrate Target Sales Channel, Target Sales Channel Integration

Target Marketplace

Add Target+ with buyer approval to your eRetail strategy.

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Integrate Salesforce, Integrate Commercehub


Connect Salesforce eCommerce cloud to CPGIO's OMS.

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Home Depot Integration, Sell on Home Depot, Integrate Home Depot

Home Depot

Add Home Depot as a new sales channel.

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adobe commerce Integration, Sell on adobe commerce, Integrate adobe commerce, Integrate Magento

Adobe Commerce

Connect your Magento shopping cart to CPGIO's OMS.

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Add a new sales channel, custom payment processors, and marketing tools, as a fully managed service.


Activate new channel sales powered by human experts,
account managers, and platform specialists.

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Shopify Amazon Integration, Shopify Walmart Integration
Shay Dolezal Marketplace Integration manager

Ops as a fully managed service.

Build out your omnichannel strategy by adding tools and services equipped with human experts that speak the language and deliver.

Shopify Integration, Shopify Marketplace Integration, Shopify Sales Channel Integration
Shay Dolezal, Shay Dolezal D2C Account Manager

Fully managed integrations

Build out your omnichannel strategy by adding tools and services equipped with human experts that speak the language and deliver.

Shopify Facebook Integration, Shopify Instacart Integration, Shopify Marketplace Management
Shay Dolezal Online Marketplace Account Manager

Ops as a fully managed service.

Build out your omnichannel strategy by adding tools and services equipped with human experts that speak the language and deliver.

PLUG & PLAY With CPG.IO's eCommerce Marketplace Integrations Case Studies

Mccormick Sales Channel Integrations, McCormick Brand Optimization

McCormick integrates subscription eCommerce

CPG.IO implements Recharge and Shopify subscription services to offer flavor of the month club to thousands of MCK customers.


Gravity Blankets Achieves Mass Scale with CPG.IO

CPGIO helps Gravity scale horizontally by adding 15 new channels in a 12 month period, helping to achieve maximum scale prior to acquisition.

All your eCommerce Operations as a Service under one roof