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Facebook Marketplace Integration

Integrate your SKUs and sales efforts on Facebook with CPGIO 's Facebook marketplace services that make your brand stand out on Facebook with a comprehensive social media, ad & sales strategy to boost sales performance and brand awareness.

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Facebook Marketplace Setup, Development, and Sales Channel Management

Facebook Marketplace has emerged as a popular online shopping destination for customers and businesses alike. As a vendor, integrating this platform into your sales strategy can open up new opportunities for growth and customer acquisition. However, without a clear plan and execution, your efforts may go to waste.

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CPGIO's Facebook Marketplace setup, development, and sales channel management services help you navigate this marketplace and maximize your sales potential. Our team of experts can help you create a long-term social media strategy that includes social media posts, building brand proof, and direct integration with inventory to seize and scale initiatives.

We leverage attractive content, influencer campaigns, brand loyalty programs, and media buying to create brand awareness and engage new customers, resulting in exponential sales growth. With our comprehensive approach, you can integrate Facebook Marketplace seamlessly into your sales strategy and unlock its full potential.

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Here are some advantages of using Facebook Marketplace to sell your products, with the help of CPGIO:

  • Wider audience reach: Facebook has over 2 billion active users, making it an excellent platform to reach potential customers and increase brand visibility.

  • Increased sales opportunities: By leveraging Facebook Marketplace, you can reach customers who are actively searching for products like yours and provide them with a convenient, hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Lower selling costs: Facebook Marketplace offers a cost-effective way to sell your products as there are no listing fees, and transaction fees are minimal.

  • Enhanced customer engagement: Facebook Marketplace provides an opportunity to engage with your customers through comments and messages, allowing you to provide exceptional customer service and build lasting relationships.

  • Improved brand visibility: By having a presence on Facebook Marketplace, you can increase your brand's visibility, leading to more brand recognition and customer loyalty.

  • Seamless integration: CPGIO can seamlessly integrate Facebook Marketplace into your sales strategy, making it easier for you to manage your inventory and orders across multiple platforms.

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Partnering with CPGIO also provides several advantages, including access to our in-house customer service team, which can handle inquiries and ensure timely responses to customer needs. By optimizing your Facebook Marketplace presence, you can establish a strong brand reputation and increase your reach, ultimately leading to long-term success in the online marketplace.Start the conversation with CPGIO to learn how our Facebook Marketplace services can elevate your brand to new heights.


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Start the conversation with CPGIO to learn how our Facebook Marketplace services can elevate your brand to new heights.

Facebook Marketplace Integration Key Features & Benefits

Facebook Website Integration

Measurable Impact

This services includes benchmarking, trackable KPI’s and measurable results.

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Rapid Turnaround

A proven process enables CPGIO to turn this service around quickly.

Facebook CRM Integration

No Approvals Needed

Little to no red tape on this service as no approvals are required.

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CPGIO was tasked with finding and establishing a relationship with an influencer that focuses on cleaning tips and reviews with a large user base of engaged followers. When the influencer we sourced posted about the multi-use sponges through Instagram Stories with links directing their followers to Amazon, traffic to the listing saw a drastic increase in rank, sales, and purchases.

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    Maxine and Cat, Campbell's

    Impressed with CPGIO's ability to execute a DTC site both quickly and beautifully.

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    Gigi VP Marketing, La Preferida

    The Social Marketing team at CPGIO got us engaged in all the right places.

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