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Online Order Management Services

From optimized in-house storage to inventory and expert order management services, we optimize every aspect of your SKUs journey across all sales channels.

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Accurate Order Management Across Sales Channels

Today's e-commerce ecosystem is vast, spanning various marketplaces and social channels. Thriving in this competitive space means mastering your presence everywhere your customers are. Our multi-channel sales support and comprehensive order management services are designed to position your brand strongly across all major platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Target Plus, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Integrated Multi-Channel Order Strategies

Consistent Brand Presence

Whether it's a global marketplace or a social media channel, we ensure your brand stands out. By maintaining a consistent brand story, updated product listings, and strategic content deployment, we establish your solid presence everywhere.

Cross-Channel Promotional Campaigns

Capitalize on the power of unified marketing efforts. Our team skillfully orchestrates promotional campaigns that span across various channels, amplifying reach through synchronized organic and paid strategies, maximizing engagement and conversions.

Advanced Order Management Across Platforms

Centralized Order Processing

Experience hassle-free order management unified across all sales channels. From initial capture to final delivery, every step is streamlined, ensuring consistent customer experiences regardless of the sales platform.

Unified Inventory Management

Inventory complexities simplified. Manage stock levels, order fulfillment, and returns efficiently across all channels from one central point, reducing errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

Subscription Boxes and Membership Programs

Innovative Recurring Revenue Models

Stand out in the marketplace with custom subscription boxes and exclusive membership programs. We help design, launch, and manage these initiatives, creating reliable revenue streams while offering unique value to your customers.

Seamless Integration and Management

From conceptualization to execution, witness flawless rollouts of your subscription offerings. We handle integration, automate enrollments, manage renewals, and ensure subscribers' consistent and delightful experiences.

Comprehensive Sales Analytics and Insights

Multi-Platform Performance Tracking

Get a 360-degree view of your sales performance across all channels. Our robust analytics track key metrics, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions that contribute to your brand's growth trajectory.

Customer Behavior and Trend Analysis

Stay ahead with deep insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and emerging trends across platforms. Use this knowledge to steer your strategies, predict market movements, and align with consumer expectations.

Tailored Support for Each Sales Channel

Expert Platform-Specific Strategies

Each platform is unique; so should be your strategies. We develop and deploy tailored plans for channels like Amazon, TikTok, Target Plus, Wal-Mart, and all other sales channels, respecting their individual nuances and leveraging their strengths for your benefit.

Continuous Optimization and Scaling

E-commerce is ever-evolving, and stagnation is not an option. We provide ongoing strategy optimization, exploring new avenues, and scaling operations in existing channels for continual growth and expansion.

Enhance Your Multi-Channel Strategy Today

Navigating the multi-channel e-commerce landscape can be complex, but not when you have a seasoned partner by your side. Contact us today to learn how our expertise in sales support, order management, and integrated promotional strategies can usher in a new era of success for your brand. Embrace the future of e-commerce with confidence. Let's get started.

Online Order Management Services Key Features & Benefits

Order Management System Ecommerce

Rapid Turnaround

A proven process enables CPGIO to turn this service around quickly.

Product order management services

Automation Involved

This services relies on automation and artificial intelligence.

Multichannel order management

Speed Focused Program

This services depends on operational speed to shelf or market.

Featured Case Study


A New Hot Sauce Line Launches and Sells Out in Minutes

The initial January 2020 launch of the new hot sauce contained only 800 bottles but was sold out in mere minutes, leaving the brand's audience wanting more. We worked with the brand on its second launch and were fully prepared to meet the red-hot demand for the second wave.

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    Reece, Chobani

    CPGIO has helped us develop new ways to innovate.

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    Maxine and Cat, Campbell's

    Impressed with CPGIO's ability to execute a DTC site both quickly and beautifully.

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