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Product Consignment

CPGIO's consignment services give your products the fastest speed-to-digital shelf time in the industry that lists and manages your inventory alongside optimized content, marketing, and fulfillment for your products across multiple channels to quickly turn on the sales faucet.

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Get Unmatched DTC Consignment Services

Our D2C 3PL consignment services give your products the fastest speed-to-digital shelf time in the industry that lists and manages your inventory alongside optimized content, marketing, and fulfillment for your products across multiple channels to quickly turn on the sales faucet. CPGIO Has unmatched 3PL consignment services that give your brand the ultimate speed-to-shelf listing, inventory management & fulfillment. Where every business that sells online succeeds or fails in its CPG fulfillment, order management, distribution, and sales processes. CPGIO gives vendors the fastest speed-to-shelf times in the industry.


Harnessing the Power of Consignment for Business Growth

Navigating the retail landscape is challenging, especially with the pressures of maintaining optimal inventory levels. Our Product Consignment Services offer a strategic approach, allowing your business to place merchandise in retail channels, thereby reducing upfront costs and aligning stock with consumer demand.

Understanding Product Consignment: A Collaborative Approach

Defining Consignment for Modern Retail

In a consignment partnership, you retain ownership of your products until they are sold, significantly lowering the inventory risks typically assumed by retailers. This arrangement allows for greater flexibility and a strategy focused on shared success between you and the retail outlets.

Strategic Placement for Enhanced Visibility

Our services include strategic advice on product placement. By understanding consumer behavior and store traffic patterns, we position your products to capture customer attention, increasing the likelihood of conversion and repeat sales.

Managing Inventory: Precision and Efficiency

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Stay informed with real-time updates on your stock levels across all consignment locations. Our sophisticated systems monitor sales and inventory data, ensuring you have the insights needed to make informed production and supply chain decisions.

Consistent Stock Availability

Avoid stockouts and overstock situations with our efficient inventory management. We analyze sales trends and consumer demand, adjusting inventory levels to ensure your products are always available when and where consumers expect them.

Financial Flexibility and Risk Reduction

Cash Flow Optimization

Consignment allows for better cash flow management, as resources are not tied up in unsold inventory sitting in warehouses or store shelves. This financial flexibility enables more strategic investment in growth initiatives.

Minimizing Market Entry Risks

Whether you're introducing a new product or entering a new market, consignment reduces the financial risks involved. By paying only when products sell, you can test new markets and products without overcommitting resources.

Building Strong Retailer Relationships

Partnership-Based Success

We foster strong relationships with retailers, ensuring they are equally invested in the success of your products. Through training and support, we empower retail staff with the knowledge to sell your products effectively.

Negotiation and Compliance Support

Navigating the complexities of consignment agreements can be daunting. Our team assists in negotiating terms and ensuring compliance with all contractual obligations, protecting your interests at every stage.

Distributor Purchase Order Management

Seize control of your inventory costs while expanding your market presence through our tailored Product Consignment Services. Let's optimize your stock levels, reduce risks, and increase profitability together!

-Bundles & Variety Packs
-Kitting & Co-Packing Services
eCommerce Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment
Pick, Pack, Scan & Ship Warehouse Services

All of these are crucial to your business eCommerce sales processes and if you have a store that struggles to fulfill orders on time, ship multiple orders, or need value-driven multi-packs and bundles that help you build sales momentum, CPGIO purchase order management, kitting, and distribution services are the answer.

Direct-to-Consumer Consignment Services

CPGIO offers experienced eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment services with customized distribution processes tailored to your brands’ needs.

Optimized Warehouse Processes for Faster Speed-to-Shelf

If your current warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution services aren’t helping you fulfill new orders consistently and on time while developing optimized processes to serve existing ones, visit CPGIO to learn how we provide you with a one-stop solution to your warehousing, distribution & fulfillment needs.

Unlocking New Opportunities with Product Consignment

Our Product Consignment Services redefine how inventory and sales can work hand in hand for your benefit. By partnering with us, you're not just placing your products in retail spaces; you're positioning your business for growth, sustainability, and success in competitive marketplaces. Ready to transform your retail strategy? Contact us for a bespoke consignment solution today.

Product Consignment Key Features & Benefits

Product Consignment Integration

Top Program

This services includes benchmarking, trackable KPI’s and measurable results.

Online Consignment Services

High ROAS Potential

This program has high potential for attractive RoaS and new customer acquisition.

Product consignment services

Target & Quota Driven

This program implements goals and sets sights on targets to be met by our team.

Featured Case Study


Transitioning into a Successful 1P/3P Hybrid Strategy

Our team invested extensively in product research and data analysis with each SKU and discovered the lucrative products sold through 3P that weren’t currently sold 1P. We quickly created new ASINS including variety packs, multipacks and full cartons that not only saved on labor but with competitive pricing alongside the brand's 3P efforts was a recipe for success.

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