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How We Operate

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David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

We purchase goods as a direct partner. We bring your goods into our facilities, prep them for retail, and fulfill. After setup, we operate as a growth oriented, strategic partner, doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Build Once, Run Everywhere

After your SKUS are built in our ERP, CPGIO will attach to your listings, or build new ones. Your account manager will help you make key decisions on pack configurations, variations, retail pricing, and more. 

Our Service Fee

We charge one monthly service fee for account management, data analysis, customer service, and marketing. On a weekly, or monthly basis, we'll meet to discuss strategy, assortment, supply chain, and more.  

Retail Pricing Strategy

Our technology will help you understand the ideal price range for your goods based on a number of factors, including competition, market rates, and velocity. We make a small mark on each sale based on the cost of goods, the rest, is yours. Our mark covers the cost of packaging, fulfillment labor, returns, and technology, plus marketplace commissions. 

Store Operations

Your monthly fee covers all administration, execution, customer support, reporting, and more. The account manager is your liaison to a host of resources, including prep, production, category management, and media buying. 

Packaging, Labeling & Prep

Custom packaging, material procurement, labeling requirements, prep, and co-packing are all part of our standard operating model. We'll help you configure each listing based on agreed-upon methods. 

Fee Reduction & Compliance

CPGIO will help you reduce fees and build efficiencies as we get to know your business. By addressing brand health issues, performance notifications, meeting shipment window metrics, and hitting service SLAs, we'll help your brand become compliant and more profitable. 

Getting Started

Getting started with CPGIO is a simple process. After a one-hour discussion, we'll share our item build template. Once complete, we'll use your SKU list and attributes to develop an opportunity analysis. This report and presentation will cover the projected volume, suggested pricing, and areas of focus. After signing, we'll build our first PO within days, and be up and running the moment your product arrives at our warehouse. 

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