We help brands achieve ambitious goals.

In 2013, CPGIO first began arbitraging grocery items on Amazon purchased daily from local distributors using a “just-in-time” model. As sales grew and data accumulated, direct relationships were formed with some of the largest CPG manufacturers in the world.

Hard work, and excellence, is the epitome of our culture today. 

From the onset, CPGIO has developed capabilities that help brands be more nimble in testing ideas, complementing other strategies, and executing on the mundane, but necessary. To support a fast growing market, we've consistently stressed the importance of being an exceptional partner at all times to our staff. Always willing to do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do, is our motto.

Our competitiveness, nuanced approach to pricing, and thirst for more analysis has led to remarkable outcomes for our partners.

As a fulfillment operation, we've leveraged our learnings across a many disciplines within supply chain and ecommerce that empower incredible ways of working. As for our approach; offer incredible goods at the optimal price-to-value curve, while leveraging data and human resources to enhance listings, generate more visibility, and drive better conversion.

CPGIO's careful selection of supply chain veterans, account managers, marketing experts, and data analysts is one part of the recipe; technology is the other. Our platform enables great speed using time management tools, data-based prioritization, opportunity generation, and workflow automation. As a result, our teams help brands achieve ambitious goals.