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Walmart Marketplace Vendor Services

Integrate your Walmart Marketplace account with CPGIO’s powerful eCommerce account management, listing optimization & fulfillment services that fuel sales growth and brand visibility.

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Integrate Walmart Marketplace into Your Sales Strategy

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Walmart Marketplace is Hot!

  • 120 Million Monthly Visitors
  • 58% of Americans Shopped at Walmart in 2022
  • Grown 90% YoY (2 years)
  • More shoppers than Amazon on Black Friday (+386%)
  • 1 Billion searches per day globally is a robust online sales platform that allows third-party sellers to integrate and sell their products on Succeeding in Walmart's competitive environment requires strict pricing controls, content requirements, and dedicated optimization, and sponsored search & fulfillment strategy.

That's where CPGIO comes in. We make it effortless for you to integrate your brand into Walmart Marketplace and optimize your sales potential using our expert strategies and fulfillment practices.

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Adding Walmart Marketplace to Your Selling Strategy

We make integration to Walmart Marketplace effortless to quickly tap your brand into its optimal sales potential. Using dedicated account management uses best listing practices with custom pack sizes for optimized fulfillment while meeting tight deadlines and increasing AOVs.

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Seamless Walmart Integration and Expert Account Management

CPGIO simplifies the process of integrating your products on Walmart Marketplace to quickly tap into its optimal sales potential. Our dedicated account management team employs best listing practices and custom pack sizes for optimized fulfillment. We ensure your brand meets tight deadlines and increases Average Order Values (AOVs), ultimately maximizing your revenue on

Walmart Product Setup, Listing, and PDP Optimization

CPGIO simplifies the process of integrating your products on Walmart Marketplace to quickly tap into its optimal sales potential. Our dedicated account management team employs best listing practices and custom pack sizes for optimized fulfillment. We ensure your brand meets tight deadlines and increases Average Order Values (AOVs), ultimately maximizing your revenue on

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CPG.IO Walmart Vendor Services Boost Brand Success in the Food and Beverage Space

Working with CPGIO presents incredible growth potential for food and beverage brands on Walmart Marketplace.

Our in-depth understanding of the industry's unique needs and challenges enables us to provide tailored strategies that cater to your specific product line.

We help you maximize your brand's exposure, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth in this highly competitive market.

New Walmart Seller Tools

Walmart is working extremely hard to keep up with Amazon. Here are some of the new tools we are taking advantage of.

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More Walmart Review Options

  • Review Accelerator
  • Review Syndication
  • WMP Review Syndication Program (Free!)

Assortment Dashboard

Expand your Marketplace listings with recommendations of popular brands and items WMP has identified for you.

Pro Seller Badges

Walmart’s mark of excellence is displayed next to an eligible seller’s business name

Smart Tags

Walmart uses an algorithm to look at your shipping speed history and will offer up a faster shipping date to the customer, putting you in the buy box a lot of the time.

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Walmart Repricer

If you don’t have a repricer, we create repricer strategies that keep consistent with global pricing strategies including:

  • Competitive Price Strategy
  • Buy Box Strategy
  • External Price Strategy
  • Custom Strategy

Quality Rewards & Dashboard

Walmart can tell you exactly what you need to update on each listing to improve searchability and overall listing score.

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Walmart Marketplace Marketing Options

Walmart Display Marketing

Onsite on our digital properties or offsite across the web and social channels, Walmart display ads deliver results you can measure - in our stores, too.

Walmart Sponsored Products

Increase product sales and visibility and defend your market share with cost-effective ads that reach customers as they search and browse

Walmart Promotional Pricing

Can be created during a set time frame including clearance or reduced pricing. Items would show a clearance or reduced flag on the listing.

Walmart Managed Media Campaigns

Cost-per-click-based marketing is available for budgets starting at $1k per month.

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Be a Competitive Vendor on Walmart Marketplace

The Walmart Marketplace is a highly competitive space, and extensive optimization is needed to secure the best placement for your products.

CPGIO's team of experts meticulously optimizes every aspect of your brand's presence on the platform, from product listings and pricing to inventory management and fulfillment. We help you navigate the complexities of the Walmart Marketplace, ensuring your brand thrives and outperforms the competition.

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Walmart Pricing & Account Management Across Channels

Our team of experts is well-versed in Walmart's strict pricing controls and requirements, enabling us to develop competitive pricing strategies that maximize your sales potential without compromising your brand's integrity.

We closely monitor market trends and competitor data to keep your pricing dynamic and in line with consumer expectations, leading to increased conversions and profitability.

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Walmart Fulfillment For Food, Beverage & The CPG Industry

CPGIO's extensive experience in managing your Walmart order fulfillment and sales across multiple channels ensures your products are always in stock and delivered on time.

We work closely with you to design a tailored fulfillment strategy that aligns with Walmart's guidelines while minimizing logistical costs and maximizing efficiency.

Our expertise in inventory management, order processing, and shipping enables us to navigate the complexities of multichannel fulfillment, ensuring your customers receive their orders promptly and accurately.

Sell with CPG.IO on Walmart Marketplace

Request a quote to learn how CPGIO's Walmart integration uses expert strategies, analysis, and fulfillment practices to sell your products.

Walmart Marketplace Vendor Services Key Features & Benefits

Walmart Marketplace Integration Partners

Walmart EDI Integration & Custom API Connections

Simplify your operations with our cutting-edge Walmart EDI & API Integration services - Connect, automate, and revolutionize your eCommerce experience

Walmart Marketplace API Integration

Walmart Listing Setup & Optimization

Unlock your products' full potential with our expert Walmart Listing Setup & Optimization services - Boost visibility, maximize sales, and let your products shine

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Walmart Order Fulfillment & Dropshipping

Streamline your success with our seamless Walmart Fulfillment & Dropshipping solutions - Expand your business, save time, and let us handle the rest

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From First Contact to Fully Functioning eCommerce Platform in 3 Weeks

Working with one of the world's oldest and most established CPGs means delivering world-class services. With rigidly defined processes and ways set ways of doing business, capturing innovation means capitalizing on opportunity. Within exactly 3 weeks of engaging with the brand, and clearing operational and legal hurdles their new product launch went off without a hitch.

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    Jessica, Milk Bliss

    Moving the AMS campaigns to CPGIO was a wise move. They build a ton of efficiencies and cost savings.

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    Jeff Whitehead, McCormick

    CPGIO was able to get 25K influencer orders out within 2 days for us.

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