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Transitioning into a Successful 1P/3P Hybrid Sales Strategy

David Arndt, Author David F Arndt, David Arndt Content Marketing Manager
David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

We quickly created new ASINS including variety packs, multipacks, and full cartons that not only saved on labor but competitive pricing was a recipe for success.

A major powdered drink mix CPG began working with CPG.IO to integrate, optimize, and manage their eCommerce 3P operations.

While they were selling their products 1P and 3P, they had very limited content, keywords, project imagery, or a unified strategy to realize their true potential.

CPG.IO immediately went to work.

By leveraging keyword-driven content with attractive A+ content and imagery, product optimization alongside their first Deal Dollars campaign led to 52,000 orders in one day on Amazon.

Identifying Product and Revenue Opportunities

Our team invested extensively in product research and data analysis with each SKU and discovered the lucrative products sold through 3P that weren’t currently sold through Amazon's 1P. 

We quickly created new ASINS including variety packs, multipacks and full cartons that not only saved on labor but with competitive pricing alongside the brand's 3P efforts was a recipe for success.

Keyword research, engaging content, and an overarching approach to every aspect of customer-facing content coupled with optimized fulfillment left no stone unturned to produce a visually attractive experience with the best 1P practices to save money, capture engagement, sales, and repeat customers.

1P Sales Optimization & Implementation

  • Marketing campaigns Via 1P
  • Offering deals through VC 
  • Enrolling products in Amazon’s Bulk Buy Program
  • Offering the brand as Deal of the Day gained enormous traction which led to over 50K+ orders in a single day for multiple SKUs

Amazon Content Optimization Needs

  • Title, bullet point, and image descriptions 
  • A Complete brand store makeover 
  • New product showcases 
  • A+ in every listing

1P Best Practices

With a diverse range of products, ensuring the right price calculations and velocity research alongside, pack size optimization, and packaging has been crucial to optimizing products for success and saving money on their 1P fulfillment processes.

As their 3P partner overseeing marketing and fulfillment across channels, we’ve helped the brand achieve best practices that have directly correlated to success through Vendor Central. 

We’ve streamlined their efforts including the use of the manufacturer barcode to save new labeling and use our experience and best practices to save time, money, and hassle throughout their 1P and 3P process.

Capitalizing on Merchandising Opportunities

With numerous product types, every SKU has its own story and each product line has its own needs in terms of content, promotions, and strategy. 

Our extensive experience and years of data analysis have given us extensive insights into which variety packs will be the most successful. We created 25+ new packs that have been extremely successful.

Considering price points, best practices, and optimized packaging, we have created better, more efficient packaging for multiple product lines, including new packaging for their products and heavier items like popsicles to further build on their bottom line. 

Keyword, Content & Copywriting

As we’ve begun to build, relaunch, and optimize the brand's websites, we’ve gained extensive insights into keywords and content that have immediately positively impacted sales.

Coupled with keyword research, best practices, and complementary language, we optimized products for success on and off-page and through Vendor and Seller Central.

Our holistic approach to content, images, ads, and media has quickly accelerated the company's plans for sales growth.

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