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eBay Marketplace Integration

Integrating your SKUs to sell on eBay provides you with a powerful place for your products to make an impact. With customizable APIs, CRM & warehouse integrations, we help you win on eBay.

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Integrate eBay Into Your Omni-Channel Strategy

eBay is a retail platform that has a strong focus on attracting customers interested in consumer packaged goods. With over 170 million visitors, eBay is a popular destination for those seeking new items in this category. What sets eBay apart from Amazon is its seller-friendly approach. Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn't compete with its sellers or penalize them for sales growth. Additionally, eBay does not create its own versions of your products under the eBay brand, giving sellers more control over their products and brand image.

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CPGIO recognizes the significant potential of the eBay marketplace for brands looking to expand their reach. To help you make the most of this powerful platform, we offer comprehensive services designed to maximize your benefits.

eBay's Global Customer Reach: Leverage our expertise to tap into eBay's vast global presence, gaining access to over 180 million active users across 190 markets, and expand your market share.

Enhanced Brand Visibility on eBay: Our team of experts ensures your brand is presented professionally and consistently on eBay, boosting visibility and credibility to attract more potential buyers and foster customer trust.

Targeted Marketing Strategies: Utilize our data-driven approach to identify and engage diverse customer segments within eBay's user base, maximizing sales potential and adapting offerings to meet evolving consumer demands.

Flexible Selling Options: We help you choose the most effective selling formats tailored to your products and target audience, optimizing your eBay sales strategies for auctions, fixed-price listings, and Buy It Now options.

Advanced Marketing Tools Implementation: Our team leverages eBay's powerful marketing tools like Promoted Listings and Promotion Manager to boost your product visibility, create enticing offers, and increase sales conversion rates.

Seamless Integration: With CPGIO's expertise in eBay API and EDI integration, we ensure a smooth flow of data and streamlined operations, allowing you to efficiently manage listings, orders, and fulfillment.

Actionable Customer Insights: We provide valuable analytics and customer insights that help you better understand your target audience, optimize your product listings and make informed decisions to drive growth.


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Listing Products on eBay Marketplace

eBay Marketplace isn't just for used items but offers tools for buyers to find new items for your brand.

  • Product star ratings can be left by buyers
  • Inventory is stored in CPGIO's warehouse
  • Order fulfillment to the end consumer is done by CPGIO
  • Shipping costs to the consumer are covered by CPGIO
  • No buyer approval is required
  • Fast setup process
  • Nationwide availability
  • Retail price is set by CPGIO
  • Lower commission rate compared to Amazon


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Maximize Profit and Efficiency with a Dedicated eBay Partner

Managing catalogs and creating SKUs can be a time-consuming manual process. When you add the complexity of custom pack sizes and the fact that orders are shipped directly from the retailer, it's essential to have a reliable eBay partner who can get it right the first time.

Our comprehensive services help unify your brand's approach to eBay sales efforts, creating a seamless experience for you and your customers.

eBay Vendor Account Management

CPGIO takes care of every aspect of integrating and onboarding your products on eBay. This includes catalog and listing management, pricing, and competitor analysis to position your products and brand in the best possible way to attract potential buyers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful integration process from start to finish.

eBay EDI & API Integrations

You can streamline your business processes and improve efficiency by integrating with eBay's EDI and API. This enables automatic exchange of essential information such as inventory levels, order status, and shipping details.

eBay Catalog Management

We create a well-organized catalog that is tailored to your needs, making it easier for customers to find and purchase your products. Our team of experts is dedicated to optimizing your catalog for maximum visibility and sales potential.

Have you considered eBay Marketing?

We can help you identify and execute content marketing opportunities to enhance your eBay listings. Our team at CPGIO can work with you to create and execute a content strategy that highlights your brand's unique selling propositions, engages your target audience, and drives conversions.

In addition, we enhance your eBay listings with compelling content, including romance copy, images, and bullets. By leveraging our expertise, we can optimize your product descriptions to attract and convert more customers.

We understand that the more data you provide, the more likely your product is to show up when customers search or browse on or external search engines. That's why we prioritize high-quality images and comprehensive product data, including titles and descriptions. These elements provide an immersive experience for customers, influencing their purchasing decisions and ultimately boosting sales. With CPGIO's help, you can ensure that your products stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract the attention of potential buyers.

eBay Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings increase your products' visibility on eBay, attracting millions of potential customers searching for similar items. This boosts the chances of a successful sale, and the best part is that you only pay for the service when an item sells.

  • Boosts visibility on average by 36%
  • No charge until a buyer clicks on your listing AND purchases the promoted item within 30 days

eBay Promotion Manager

Offer customized discounts and coupons to incentivize buyers to purchase, increase product visibility, and accelerate inventory turnover.

  • Provide discounts based on the size of eBay orders.
  • Offer promotions like "Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% Off" and volume pricing to incentivize customers.
  • Create offers such as "Save 10% when you buy 3" to encourage multiple purchases.
  • Utilize codeless coupons to provide discounts to customers at checkout.
  • Give customers an extra $10 off their next purchase to encourage repeat business.
  • Host sale events and apply markdowns to products to drive sales.
  • Offer holiday-themed promotions like "Save up to 50% on all holiday tea."

Leveraging CPGIO's eBay's powerful tools such as Promoted Listings and Promotion Manager enables us to showcase your products and create enticing offers for potential buyers.

By investing in high-quality imagery and detailed product information, you can further enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.

Combining these strategies will not only increase your visibility and attract more buyers but also help you stay ahead in the competitive eCommerce landscape. 

Why CPGIO for eBay Content Marketing?

Consider breaking down your long-term goals into smaller, achievable steps regardless of the number of SKUs you're dealing with. CPGIO can guide you on the essential and secondary needs to help you meet your objectives.

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eBay Fulfillment & Inventory Management

Our direct-to-consumer fulfillment service simplifies the shipping process, freeing up your time and resources to focus on other critical business tasks.

Additional Value & Higher AOVs

Incorporate our in-house optimized pack size variation, variety packs, and bundles into your product offerings to unlock additional value and achieve higher Average Order Values (AOVs).

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Partnering with us can help elevate your eBay sales by effectively showcasing your products through a selection of curated bundles and packs, enticing potential buyers to explore your inventory. Experience a seamless, efficient, and profitable process that sets your business apart from the competition.

Enhanced eBay Marketplace Solutions

CPGIO is dedicated to making your brand stand out on eBay, regardless of whether you're a budding distributor or a large enterprise. Our streamlined account setup process ensures that your data, marketing, and order management systems are seamlessly integrated, resulting in explosive sales growth.

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The CPGIO eBay Marketplace Advantage

Trust CPGIO to provide your brand with fast account setup, efficient order management systems, and effective marketing strategies to achieve explosive sales growth on eBay. As a long-term eBay seller with an outstanding Positive Feedback Rating and over 28,000 customer reviews, your listings will be given prominence on the platform, establishing your brand as a trustworthy seller.

Contact us today for a quote and start the conversation on how we can integrate your brand with eBay.

eBay Marketplace Integration Key Features & Benefits

Ebay Marketplace Integration Partners

Fast & Accurate eBay EDI & API Integration

Experience hassle-free integration with our expert assistance, streamlining your eBay business processes and operations

eBay Marketplace API Integration

Targeted eBay Marketing Strategies

Implement data-driven marketing strategies tailored to eBay's diverse customer base to maximize sales growth potential

eBay Marketplace Optimization Services

Leverage High-Touch eBay Fulfillment

Boost your eBay performance by entrusting your fulfillment needs to a place where exceptional service and efficiency go hand-in-hand

Featured Case Study


Multi-Channel Strategies Built on Trust, Credibility & Speed-to-Shelf

CPGIO is the Amazon 3P partner for Traditional Medicinals and the Amazon 3P + D2C partner for Urban Moonshine herbal medicine. Our multi-channel strategies for each brand belong to a 4-year relationship built on trust, credibility, and speed-to-shelf. Among many missions, CPGIO helped Traditional Medicinals meet rigorous MAP policy strategies, optimize listings, and co-pack for retailers and specialty channels.

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    Maxine and Cat, Campbell's

    Impressed with CPGIO's ability to execute a DTC site both quickly and beautifully.

  • traditional medicinals green company logo

    Don Hartman, Traditional Medicinals

    We’ve relied on CPGIO for more than fulfillment. Their agency side of the business offers high-quality professional imagery, copywriting, and merchandising support. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without them.

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