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Target Marketplace

Integrate your Target+ account with CPGIO’s fully enhanced EDI, ERP, and account management and inventory management services to quickly scale your brand efforts on Target.

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Target Plus Integration, Management, and Optimization Services

Target+ is a highly-curated marketplace requiring buyer approval. Getting your SKUs on this high AOV sales channel requires expert account management. Integrate your products on Target Marketplace with the help of CPGIO's Target management team. 

Due to Target’s well-known brand, there are many benefits to selling on Target Marketplace, especially for recognizable brands.

Benefits Include:

Low Competition – Fewer sellers on Target+ increases the chances of consumers choosing your goods.

Higher Quality Products – Target carefully curates products to avoid duplicates, offering higher quality products overall.

Brick & Mortar Returns – Being able to return items in person can save consumers time if they don’t want to worry about shipping items back. This helps increase consumer confidence at the point of sale. 

High Barrier to Entry – The difficult barriers to entry are both good and bad.  The main benefit is that Target Marketplace isn’t flooded with people undercutting each other trying to sell the same product.

Request a quote to get the conversation started to learn how CPGIO’s Target+ onboarding and integration services streamline the process of getting your brand connected and selling on Target Marketplace.

Target Marketplace Key Features & Benefits

Target Marketplace Integration Partners

Advanced Reporting

This program comes with routine reporting covering important KPIs and metrics.

Target Marketplace API Integration

Sales Forecasting

This services can generate predictable results and be forecasted against.

Target Marketplace Optimization Services

Rapid Turnaround

A proven process enables CPGIO to turn this service around quickly.

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Rapid & Scaled Growth Across eRetail Channels

CPGIO won the attention of rapidly growing D2C first companies just outside of the CPG space due to its low fulfillment rates. Futurism, the maker of the Gravity Blanket, was a proud partner of ours for over 2 years before their acquisition. In 2019, CPGIO added over 15 eRetail channels, took over AMS marketing, and runs the brand's highly sophisticated customer support operations.

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  • Jessica, Milk Bliss

    Moving the AMS campaigns to CPGIO was a wise move. They build a ton of efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Reece, Chobani

    CPGIO has helped us develop new ways to innovate.

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