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Online Sales Forecasting

CPGIO is the leading CPG-focused sales forecasting optimization and 3PL growth partner for brands accelerating in eCommerce. For more than ten years, we have helped brands, both large and small, capture opportunities, and expand their operations and their sales presence.

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Reporting, Data & Key Sales Performance Optimization

CPGIO proactively uses its platform, repricing algorithms, and execution teams' resources, data, and expertise to continuously analyze all available UPCs, expand ASIN count, improve the content, and market listings and drive maximum 3P performance. With clear goals, benchmarks, and consistent brand messaging, we are your SEO, advertising, marketing, and sales performance optimization partner. Combining product research, performance, in-season forecasting, and inventory availability, CPGIO gives you the brand metrics you need to anticipate and adapt to better sales performance.

Navigating Future Sales with Precision: Expert Sales Forecasting Services

In the ever-evolving marketplace, the ability to predict future sales can be the dividing line between business success and shortfall. Our sales forecasting services empower you with the insights needed to make informed, strategic decisions, plan effectively for the future, and maintain a competitive edge.

Understanding the Power of Sales Forecasting

Why Sales Forecasting Matters

Sales forecasting is a crucial component of any successful business strategy. By predicting future sales, companies can manage their inventory better, plan accurate budgets, allocate resources effectively, and identify potential risks and opportunities within the market.

The Science Behind Accurate Forecasts

Our approach combines historical sales data, market analysis, economic indicators, and advanced statistical methods to produce reliable sales forecasts. This blend of data and science allows for a comprehensive understanding of potential sales trajectories.

Harnessing Data for Sales Predictions

Historical Sales Data Analysis

Utilizing past sales data is fundamental in predicting future performance. We analyze trends and patterns from your historical data to establish a solid foundation for accurate, insightful forecasts.

Real-Time Market Trends

Markets are dynamic, with trends shifting rapidly. Our services include real-time market analysis, keeping your forecasts up to date with the latest consumer behavior patterns, emerging industry trends, and overall economic climate.

Tailored Forecasting Models

Choosing the Right Model

No one-size-fits-all solution exists for sales forecasting; each business requires a tailored approach. We evaluate your business type, industry sector, market conditions, and unique needs to select and apply the most suitable forecasting model.

Continuous Model Optimization

Forecasting models aren't static; they must evolve with your business and the market. We continuously refine your forecasting models, incorporating new data and variables to improve accuracy and reliability over time.

Strategic Forecast Implementation

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Accurate sales forecasts are integral to effective inventory management. By anticipating future sales, we help you maintain optimal inventory levels - maximizing turnover, reducing holding costs, and preventing stockouts or excess supply.

Financial Planning and Risk Assessment

Forecasts inform your budgetary process, influencing everything from capital investments to operational expenditures. Additionally, they enable you to assess financial risks and prepare contingency plans, ensuring your business is resilient in uncertain times.

Advanced UPC Analysis & Forecasting

We track UPC performance across all sales channels to provide you with a complete picture of product performance. 

Accurate reporting is critical to your success in your online sales efforts. From KPIs, ROAS, and ROI to customer metrics that help you focus your marketing initiatives, get the advanced performance reporting you need to make the right decisions.

Product Reporting & Real-Time Insights

We keep track of your ROA, funnels, traffic, and more with our reporting and Insights dashboard which can tailor custom reports on the KPIs that you're passionate about.

With our marketing data and product reporting platform, get real-time insights on sales, product performance, and inventory analysis that provide you with fresh, relevant data that helps you make strategic decisions.

Keep the Momentum Moving With CPG.IO

With CPGIO's uniquely flexible and rapid replenishment capabilities that help you forecast your sales strategies, we minimize downtime and delays from out-of-stock products, while optimizing your packaging and shipping processes to eliminate damaged and lost inventory.

Separating the Noise from the Facts

Keep track of your ROA, funnels, traffic, and more with our reporting and insights dashboard which includes updated metrics and KPIs that are important for understanding and improving your business.

At the heart of all optimization efforts, we give you insights, forecasting, and strategic data that guide big decisions.

Get Crucial eCommerce Sales Forecasting With CPG.IO

Listening to the data is something CPGIO can help you do, by providing you with specific reports at the right moment, so the best possible decisions can be made.

When we read into data, we can see valuable information about where our customers come from, how they behave, what actions they are taking, or whether they are converting, or if they are even showing intent to purchase.

As your organization tries to predict when and how fast it can grow, CPGIO will develop a reporting strategy and help advise on the next steps as you analyze data.

Future-Proof Your Business with Expert Sales Forecasting

In the unpredictable world of business, foresight is your ally. Our expert sales forecasting services provide the forward-looking insight necessary to strategize confidently, respond proactively to market changes, and drive sustainable business growth. Ready to embark on a journey toward a predictable and profitable future? Contact us to learn how our sales forecasting expertise can elevate your business strategy.

Our sales forecasting services are more than just number predictions; they're a roadmap to your business's future success. We combine thorough analysis with expert insights to provide forecasts you can rely on for strategic planning.

Online Sales Forecasting Key Features & Benefits

Sales Forecasting Services

Target & Quota Driven

This program implements goals and sets sights on targets to be met by our team.

Forecast Sales Performance

Audit Heavy Service

This service relies on continous auditing of information, activity, and improvement.

Sales forecast analysts

Sales Forecasting

This services can generate predictable results and be forecasted against.

Featured Case Study


Optimizing Expansive Amazon Catalogs

With more than 8,000 UPCS, Kraft's listing count on marketplaces like Amazon includes over 100,000 unique ASINS. As Kraft exclusive 3P partners, CPGIO has helped expand, collapse, merge and orphan thousands of important listings, add backend keywords, optimize content for A9 search, add images, bullet points, and more.

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    Kristen Politzer, Urban Moonshine

    CPGIO provided us with valuable data insights so we could optimize every aspect of our digital business.

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    Jessica, Milk Bliss

    Moving the AMS campaigns to CPGIO was a wise move. They build a ton of efficiencies and cost savings.

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