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How CPGIO & McCormick Use Shopify to Deliver DTC innovation

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David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

CPGIO collaborated with McCormick in 2018 to launch an innovative online grocery platform, introducing unique DTC bundles, gifting features, subscriptions, and personalization. A notable feature was the build-your-own spice rack, allowing users to customize their spice selection. The partnership also...

At the end of 2018, CPGIO launched shop.mccormick.com with some of the most innovative features in online grocery. We helped develop exclusive DTC-only bundles, and gifting features, added subscriptions, and implemented personalization.

Innovation, Outside the Box 

One of the more incredible projects we've worked on to date, a build-your-own spice rack was the start of something special. Users could pick the spices they wanted using a custom configurator. By doing so, users were able to bundle and save on loading up their spice cabinets.

McCormick Spices on Rack, marketplace innovation, marketplace services

When thinking about disruption in DTC grocery, brands like McCormick go through immense efforts to learn, test, and deliver value. Each year, CPGIO has launched several new initiatives including influencer-inspired LTOs.

The Tabitha Brown Project

In yet another example of epic DTC innovation, McCormick launched a new, exclusive spice blend with the help of mega influencer, Tabitha Brown. The project was an overnight success by giving Tabitha creative control over the spice blend and communication strategy. CPGIO helped prep and fulfill over 100,000 units in a few short days. Our customer support held the front lines and the warehouse delivered all shipments without issue.

Tabitha Brown Sunshine Seasoning, Spice Product Launch, Spice Product Marketing

CPGs Must Add Value 

When it comes to eCommerce, CPG companies face a unique set of challenges. The giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target have historically dominated the space, but the tide is shifting. Companies like Blue Apron, Fresh Direct, and Instacart are changing how people buy groceries, prepare meals, and order online. 

Now, traditional manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have also jumped into the eCommerce game, with exciting new value propositions for their loyal customers. 

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Adapting to the E-commerce Landscape

With a strong willingness to meet these problems head-on, CPGIO has morphed into a unique company capable of servicing and supporting initiatives that include frozen and cold ship fulfillment, liquids and glass distribution, a store of items with limited shelf life, and a special packaging engineering company.

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Innovation Leading the Path Forward to Build Sustainable E-commerce Business Models

CPGIO’s ultimate strategy is to improve the experience for consumers using pack size, variety, price, search, and speed. To do so, we've combined a careful selection of supply chain veterans, account managers, marketing experts, and customer support professionals to meet the demand. 

Our team consistently fights to execute robust DTC strategies with great speed using time management tools and agile development methods. 

Areas of Expertise

  • eRetail Integrations
  • Amazon Account Management
  • Content Optimization
  • Price Optimization
  • Omni-Channel Management & Marketing
  • CPG Fulfillment
  • Customer Support
  • Deduction Management
  • Reporting
  • Direct to Consumer

The extent of our knowledge and problem-solving abilities across each discipline runs deep. Thus, we are confident our platform can satisfy your needs for innovation while helping you navigate Shopify. Our vendor of record services helps streamline accounting and taxes, making retail distribution a no-brainer for brands. 

While having a household brand name certainly gives you a great starting position online, having an optimized presence that highlights your products over competitors is critical for developing an affinity towards your brand.

Start the conversation with CPG.IO by requesting a quote to learn how our DTC and B2B services eliminate wasted costs and help build momentum.

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