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Your product's presence on Amazon is not just about availability – it's about discoverability. That's where ASIN audits come into play, acting as the litmus test of your brand's performance on the vast marketplace that is Amazon. 

At CPGIO, we believe that ASIN audits are not just a routine check but a comprehensive approach to better understand your product's standing on Amazon. This includes optimizing for over 50 touchpoints, meticulously studying session and conversion data, and ensuring your Amazon listings align seamlessly with the A9 algorithm – Amazon's secret sauce to product rankings.

Why Are ASIN Audits Important?

Ensuring that your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are fully optimized is the key to enhancing product visibility, improving conversion rates, and ultimately driving sales. ASIN audits are a crucial part of this process, by providing an in-depth examination of each listing to identify areas for improvement on your Vendor Central and Seller Central Products.

ASIN audits involve examining more than 50 optimization points on listings, from session and conversion data to content quality, A9 algorithm status, and more. By conducting regular audits, brands can ensure their listings are always up-to-date and performing at their best.

What to Look For in an ASIN Audit

During an ASIN audit, several factors are taken into account. This includes checking for any restrictions, UPC/GTIN violations, price anomalies, and other opportunities for improvement. Here are some key factors to consider:

Session and Conversion Data: Understanding how many customers are viewing your product and how many are making a purchase, can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your listing.

A9 Algorithm Status: Optimizing Your Listing for Improved Visibility

The A9 algorithm is at the core of Amazon's search engine, which determines how products are ranked and displayed in search results. Understanding and optimizing your listing according to the A9 algorithm is crucial for maximizing your product's visibility and increasing its chances of being discovered by potential customers.

We recognize the significance of the A9 algorithm in driving organic traffic and sales on Amazon's marketplace. As part of the ASIN audit, we closely examine your listing's alignment with the A9 algorithm and implement strategies to optimize its performance.

Amazon Keyword Relevance and Placement

One key aspect of the A9 algorithm is its emphasis on keyword relevance. Optimizing your listings with the right keywords in strategic locations can significantly improve their visibility in search results. During the ASIN audit, we analyze the keywords used in your product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and backend search terms. We ensure that these keywords are not only relevant, but accurately represent your product, and align with popular search queries performed by potential customers.

By strategically incorporating relevant keywords into your listing, we enhance its visibility and increase the likelihood of your product appearing in relevant search results. Our team of experts leverages their knowledge of Amazon's search algorithm to optimize your listing's keyword placement, ensuring that it is in line with the A9 algorithm's preferences.

Amazon Product Conversion Rates

The A9 algorithm considers product conversion rates when determining search result rankings. A higher conversion rate indicates that your listing is effectively converting views into sales, which signals to the algorithm that your product is relevant and appealing to customers. During the ASIN audit, we analyze your listing's conversion rates and identify areas for improvement.

We assess various elements that impact conversion rates, including product images, descriptions, pricing, and customer reviews. By optimizing these aspects, we can enhance your listing's appeal and increase its conversion rate. Our team provides recommendations and strategies to optimize your product content, ensuring that it effectively communicates your product's unique selling points and benefits, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and improved search rankings.

Product Performance Metrics

Amazon's A9 algorithm also takes into account various performance metrics to assess the overall quality and relevance of your listing. These metrics can include customer reviews, seller ratings, and fulfillment metrics such as shipping speed and order defect rates. As part of the ASIN audit, we evaluate your product's performance metrics and identify areas that may require attention.

By addressing any issues affecting your product's performance metrics, we help improve its ranking within the A9 algorithm. Our team provides recommendations and strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline fulfillment processes, and optimize the overall performance of your listing. This proactive approach ensures that your product remains competitive and aligns with the A9 algorithm's preferences.

Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

The A9 algorithm is not static, and Amazon frequently updates its search algorithm to provide the best possible experience for customers. As part of the ASIN audit, we continuously monitor changes in the A9 algorithm and stay up to date with Amazon's guidelines and best practices. This allows us to make data-driven adjustments to your listing, ensuring that it remains optimized for improved visibility and search rankings.

By optimizing your listing according to the A9 algorithm's preferences, we help improve its visibility in search results, increase organic traffic, and boost your product's overall discoverability on Amazon. Our expertise in understanding the intricacies of the A9 algorithm enables us to implement effective strategies that drive your product's success in the competitive marketplace. Partner with CPGIO and unlock the full potential of your listing in alignment with the A9 algorithm today.

Image and Content Quality: Enhancing Visual Appeal and Product Descriptions

High-quality images and compelling product descriptions are essential elements of a successful listing. They play a crucial role in capturing customers' attention, communicating product features and benefits, and ultimately driving conversion rates. As part of an ASIN audit, it is important to thoroughly evaluate and optimize your listings' image and content quality.

Image Quality

The visual presentation of your products is vital in attracting and engaging customers. High-quality images that accurately represent your products can significantly enhance the perceived value and credibility of your listings. During the ASIN audit, our team at CPGIO carefully examines the quality, resolution, and overall visual appeal of your product images.

We ensure that your images meet Amazon's guidelines and best practices, including file formats, size, background, and focus requirements. By adhering to these standards and utilizing professional photography or graphic design services when needed, we help you create visually appealing images that showcase your products in the best possible light.

Content Quality

Compelling and informative product descriptions are key to effectively communicating your product's unique features, benefits, and value propositions to potential customers. During the ASIN audit, we thoroughly assess the content quality of your listings, focusing on factors such as clarity, accuracy, grammar, and formatting.

Our team reviews the product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to ensure they are engaging, concise, and optimized for relevant keywords. We also consider the consistency and coherence of your content across different variations of a product, ensuring a seamless and informative shopping experience for customers.

In addition to the textual content, we evaluate other elements such as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Content. These features provide an opportunity to present additional information, lifestyle images, compelling brand storytelling, and further enhancement of the overall quality and impact of your listings.

Optimization Strategies

Based on the findings from the ASIN audit, we develop tailored optimization strategies to improve the image and content quality of your listings. This may involve collaborating with professional photographers, graphic designers, or copywriters to create high-quality images and compelling descriptions that align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

Our team leverages industry best practices and market insights to optimize the placement and arrangement of images, utilize keyword-rich content, and highlight unique selling points. By implementing these strategies, we enhance the visual appeal and the informative nature of your listings which will drive conversions and customer engagement.

Ongoing Maintenance

Optimizing image and content quality is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. As part of the ASIN audit, we provide recommendations for continuous improvement and maintenance. This includes regularly reviewing and updating your images and content to stay aligned with market trends, customer preferences, and changes in your product offerings.

Partnering with CPGIO for your ASIN audit ensures that the image and content quality of your listings is thoroughly assessed and optimized. By enhancing your listings' visual appeal, accuracy, and persuasiveness, you can attract more customers, communicate your brand's value effectively, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Restrictions and Violations: Ensuring Compliance and Listing Integrity

Checking for any restrictions or violations that might be impacting your listing is a crucial aspect of an ASIN audit. It helps ensure compliance with Amazon's policies and guidelines, maintain listing integrity, and prevent any potential penalties or restrictions that could negatively impact your business.

Amazon UPC/GTIN Violations

One common area to pay close attention to during the ASIN audit is the presence of UPC (Universal Product Code) or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) violations. Amazon requires that products listed on its marketplace have valid and accurate UPC or GTIN codes associated with them. These codes help identify and classify products accurately, ensuring consistency and reliability in the marketplace.

Our team at CPGIO meticulously reviews your listings to ensure that each product is properly registered with the correct UPC or GTIN code. We verify the accuracy of these codes and check for any potential violations, such as the use of invalid or duplicate codes. By identifying and rectifying any UPC/GTIN violations, we help you maintain compliance with Amazon's requirements, thereby safeguarding your listings from potential suspension or removal.

Restricted Categories and Brand Restrictions

Amazon has specific guidelines and requirements for selling certain product categories or brands. These restrictions can include safety regulations, brand protection policies, or limitations due to regional or legal considerations. During the ASIN audit, we thoroughly assess your listings to identify any potential restrictions or violations related to product categories or specific brands.

Our team closely examines the products you offer and cross-references them with Amazon's guidelines to ensure strict compliance. We check for any potential mismatches between the products you are selling and the permitted categories or brands on Amazon's platform. If you currently have violations or restrictions, contact us to learn how we can quickly rectify the issue and bring your listings into compliance with Amazon's policies.

Amazon Policy Violations

Amazon has strict policies in place to maintain a safe and trustworthy marketplace for buyers and sellers. Violating these policies can result in penalties, warnings, or even account suspension. As part of the ASIN audit, we review your listings to identify any potential policy violations that might be impacting your business.

We scrutinize various aspects of your listings, including product titles, descriptions, images, and customer reviews, to ensure compliance with Amazon's policies. This includes guidelines related to product authenticity, prohibited content, pricing accuracy, and customer communication. If any policy violations are detected, we provide recommendations and assistance in rectifying the issues, ensuring that your listings meet Amazon's requirements and operate within the marketplace's guidelines.

Ongoing Compliance Management

Ensuring compliance with Amazon's policies and guidelines is an ongoing effort. As part of the ASIN audit, we provide recommendations and strategies for maintaining compliance and avoiding potential violations in the future. We stay updated on any changes to Amazon's policies, categories, or brand restrictions and provide timely guidance to keep your listings in line with the latest requirements.

By addressing any restrictions or violations identified during the ASIN audit, we help safeguard your listings, maintain listing integrity, and mitigate the risk of penalties or account suspension. Our goal is to ensure that your business operates smoothly within Amazon's marketplace while adhering to the platform's guidelines, thereby fostering trust and reliability among your customers.

Price Anomalies: Ensuring Competitive Pricing and Customer Confidence

Unusual pricing can be a red flag for customers, causing them to hesitate or even abandon their purchase. Maintaining competitive pricing that aligns with market trends and customer expectations is crucial. As part of an ASIN audit, one important aspect to focus on is identifying and rectifying any price anomalies.

During the ASIN audit, our team at CPGIO conducts a thorough analysis of your product listings, including pricing information. We compare your prices to industry standards, competitors' prices, and historical data to identify any discrepancies or outliers. This process helps us pinpoint price anomalies that could negatively impact your conversion rates and customer confidence.

Identification of Price Anomalies

Identifying price anomalies involves examining various factors, such as sudden price spikes, significantly higher or lower prices compared to competitors, inconsistent pricing across product variations, and unusual pricing patterns over time. By scrutinizing these aspects, we can detect potential issues that might deter customers or erode their trust in your brand.

Once price anomalies are identified, we take prompt action to rectify them. Our team works closely with you to determine the most appropriate pricing strategy for each affected ASIN. We consider factors like market demand, competitor pricing, product margins, and your overall business objectives. We aim to help you maintain competitive pricing while ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing your revenue potential.

Staying Ahead of Your Inventory & Product Status

Regular ASIN audits are essential for staying on top of price anomalies. By conducting these audits consistently, you can proactively address any pricing issues and make necessary adjustments. This proactive approach not only helps optimize your conversion rates but also builds trust and loyalty among your customer base.

As part of a comprehensive ASIN audit, our team goes beyond price anomalies and examines other crucial aspects such as product information accuracy, listing content, images, and customer reviews. This holistic approach ensures that your listings are optimized in all areas, enhancing your overall performance and competitiveness on Amazon's marketplace.

Finding the Right Amazon Optimization Partner

When choosing a partner for your ASIN audit, it's important to look for a team with expertise in data analysis, market research, and Amazon's platform. At CPGIO, our experienced professionals leverage their knowledge and industry insights to conduct thorough audits that yield actionable recommendations. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current state of your listings, highlighting areas for improvement and suggesting optimization strategies to drive your success.

By incorporating regular ASIN audits into your business strategy and partnering with CPGIO, you can stay ahead of price anomalies, optimize your listings, and ensure that your pricing remains competitive and appealing to customers. Building customer confidence through consistent and fair pricing practices contributes to higher conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction, and long-term success on Amazon's marketplace.

How CPGIO Can Help

CPGIO's unique, human-powered technology platform allows our auditors to conduct detailed ASIN inspections with precision and efficiency. Our audit process is comprehensive, taking into account all critical aspects of a listing to ensure optimization.

In addition to providing thorough audits, our execution team can offer suggestions for improvement back to the brand or implement changes under an approved process. This collaborative approach ensures your listings are always optimized and performing at their best.

Case Studies: Kraft, Nestle

CPGIO has a proven track record in conducting successful ASIN audits. Our work with brands like Kraft and Nestle demonstrates the impact that regular, thorough audits can have on a product's performance on Amazon. 

Through detailed inspections and implementing improvements based on scouting reports, seasonality, competitive, and strategic forecasting, we've helped these brands optimize their listings and significantly enhance their performance on Amazon.

Optimize Your Amazon Performance with CPGIO

Regular ASIN audits are a critical component of any successful Amazon strategy, especially when managing hundreds to thousands of ASINS on Vendor & Seller Central.

Ensuring Amazon listings are fully optimized and addressing any potential issues promptly improves product visibility, increases conversion rates, and drives sales. With CPG.IO's comprehensive ASIN auditing services, you can be confident that your listings are always performing at their best.

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