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The Ways We Grow eCommerce Capability

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David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

Build a holistic marketing strategy driven by incredible humans. Navigate bidding strategies, segmentation, allocations, and reporting with the pros.

 CPGIO has an obsession for growth. Our passion to help brands grow is widely recognized as the reason brands partner with us.

Shelly Kalmas D2C Project Manager


When combined with awesome tools, the results are incredible. In fact, CPGIO's Amazon house account is ranked as one of the top 100 sellers in the world. 


Top Rated Amazon Seller 78126 Reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars
Increase Sales, Inventory Visibility, D2C Marketing, D2C Fulfillment

Better Media Buying

Our media buying teams' real-time awareness of the supply chain offers a huge advantage over the traditional broker. Our experience adjusting to market conditions, seasonality, and predictive analytics gives us the edge. When combined with your objectives, CPGIO's speed, technology, and knowledge is a powerful tool. 

We offer multiple modes of media buying that take full advantage of platforms such as AMS, Google Shopping, and popular Social Media networks. New lines focused on new-to-brand shoppers may have different objectives than other campaigns, geared for higher RoaS and lower ACoS, as an example.

Depending on your goals, our experts will tailor a program suited for your objectives. 

Content Optimization

Lively creative, excellent copy, and compelling imagery are must-haves in today's competitive market. More technically, optimizing backend keywords, finding new categories to sell in, or performing tests can elevate your listings from good, to great.   

d2c Content Optimization, CPG Content Optimization

Marketing Features

We’ve participated in the growth of hundreds of brands in the top marketplaces. Our in-house marketing team offers an array of performance-based services.

d2c Marketing, D2C Optimization, CPG Marketing, CPG Optimization

In addition to the basic methods of marketing, CPGIO digs deep into data. We can help analyze session and conversion data, price performance, and track events based on multivariate tests. 


session and conversion data, multivariate testing, Repricing and Price Elasticity
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