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From First Contact to Fully Functioning eCommerce Platform in 3 Weeks

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David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

Within exactly 3 weeks of engaging with the brand, and clearing operational and legal hurdles their new product launch went off without a hitch.

Working with one of the world's oldest and most established CPGs means delivering world-class services.

With rigidly defined processes and ways set ways of doing business, capturing innovation means capitalizing on opportunity. Within exactly 3 weeks of engaging with the brand, and clearing operational and legal hurdles their new product launch went off without a hitch. 

Global manufacturers, especially those in the CPG industry typically have a long vendor onboarding process. Innovation can be tempered by delays, decision-making, and long, complicated processes that cost money and human capital to achieve.

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Innovation to Realization ~21 Days

One of the most significant CPGs in the world approached us to create, optimize, and expand their limited-time offerings and loyalty programs while providing a testbed for their first DTC project using CPG.IO’s innovative brand strategies —all within 21 days.

The absolute question the brand has was, how do we get set up to purchase goods in time to meet these deadlines we have?

This included:

-Contract creation & implementation


-Website design & development

-Inventory and fulfillment processes in our warehouse

-Product & promotional setup

The D2C Early release 

With a new limited-time, seasonal flavored snack just produced and requiring the ability to offer it directly to their consumers online before offering them in-store but no way of doing it themselves, they needed the capability that only CPG.IO could produce on a heightened timetable.

Vendor Onboarding 

Enterprise CPGs typically have a long vendor onboarding process with numerous legal, design, implementation, and coordination meetings. The brand was ready to break down barriers typically in place for a company their size, though strict internal processes from the brand couldn’t be changed overnight, CPG.IO facilitated the seamless interaction with each division needed simultaneously.

Inventory Allotment

With 50,000 limited-time snacks waiting to be sold in the brand’s warehouse and tight turnaround times, fast shipping and integration into our warehouse.

This is where the brand’s rigid structure and legal had to ask critical questions internally on how to allocate inventory for their product launch. 

Internal Processes Don’t Always Mean Roadblocks

Due to the heightened timeline to launch, the brand’s legal team’s main roadblock became how to allocate product inventory to CPG.IO to incorporate into our warehouse to fulfill on their behalf for their new online store. Brand standards for vendors and consignment partners create advanced requirements that their timeline couldn’t meet to integrate CPG.IO for a standard relationship.

While CPG.IO has now met all of its internal processes and fully integrated with its business operations, overcoming inventory allotment challenges meant creating a sample order for a client or customer they would have sent out for us to sell their products on their behalf.

Once the inventory was cleared for the inventory to flow into our warehouse, the race began.

Inventory Management

Inventory arrived at our fulfillment warehouse in 48 hours and our warehouse team went to work. Pack design, configuration, and ship testing began immediately. 

Website Design

Creating any website takes time. A lot of back and forth, sharing preferences, and multiple changes for brand preferences can cause extended timelines for web development.

Constant and consistent information between the brand, our account managers, graphic design, and web development team created seamless processes for sharing progress and items that need approval, and integrating all of the brand's needs for a multichannel process in record time.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team had tall tasks in front of them. With custom full website imagery, product, ad, and social media images needed to be created, gorgeous brand-centric images were created that the brand couldn't be happier about.

Expert Account Management

Constant coordination between our account managers and the brand was critical. With daily meetings, emails, calls, and progress updates, we created a seamless connection with the brand to achieve its goals.

On Launch Day

Everything went off without a hitch when it was time to go live. Their D2C launch coincided with in-store offerings and quickly sold $10,000 in inventory immediately. 

With an impressive launch, connection to additional sales channels, and an advanced marketing strategy approved, the sky's the limit.

CPG.IO Gets Your Products in Front of New Audiences Faster

Selling on multiple sales channels puts your products in front of new audiences that capture first-time sales and long-time customers. 

Integrate Your Online Store to Over 50 Sales Channels 

Whether you want to sell your products on your website, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Shopify, CommerceHub, or other online retailers, we create a marketing strategy tailored to your brand that includes optimized content, influencer programs, on-page & off-page strategies, CPG.IO sets your business up for success from the beginning.

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