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The Power of Influencer Marketing: A Sponge Sale Success Story on Instagram

David Arndt, Author David F Arndt, David Arndt Content Marketing Manager
David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

Within 24 hours, the sponges sold over 1,000 orders — a 1,900% increase in daily sales with over 7,000 total units selling in under a week.

Instagram Story Success

Not all brands have embraced influencer marketing, but when you have a team to find the perfect influencer to promote your products coordinated at the perfect time, you can achieve remarkable Instagram Story success.

While sponges were a popular product in their own right, the combination of the pandemic combined with one specific influencer led to a tremendous increase in sales.

Finding the Right Instagram Influencers

There are millions of Instagram influencers around the world, but only a few may be the perfect fit for your brand. Finding success through Instagram Stories can lead to a huge increase in revenue from increased exposure.

If you don’t find the right resources and team to find the perfect influencer and to help shape the message you want to send, your money and efforts have the potential to be wasted.

Utilizing Instagram Stories & Influencers to Promote Your Products

The Instagram influencer has 1.4 million dedicated followers looking for guidance, tips, and product suggestions related to home cleaning.

Previously, they had a cleaning business that reinvented itself during the COVID-19 pandemic — providing value to its followers and saw the addition of a million followers from May through October 2020. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing Works!

Partnering with the right Instagram influencer can add trust and authority to your brand by association.

Simplicity is critical!

Sending users directly to Amazon can have a higher conversion rate because of Amazon’s user trust, especially for Prime subscribers.

Tracking is key!

New Amazon Attribution Beta allows for tracking marketing efficacy so you know exactly where the orders came from. 

A 1900% Increase in Daily Sales 

When the influencer posted about the multi-use sponges through Instagram Stories, traffic to the listing saw a drastic increase.

The product, which had been ranked around 2,400 in the Household Products, jumped to under 300 for the category. 

But traffic wasn’t the only change. Within 24 hours, the sponges sold over 1,000 orders — a 1,900% increase in daily sales.

Opportunities for Your Brand

Driving new customers to your new or existing eCommerce site requires a dedicated team that works in sync with your brand while expanding your capabilities, reach, and growth potential.

Your brand can be poised for impressive growth by utilizing the right influencers.

Your brand could be poised for large growth with the right influencers.

Contact CPG.IO for a free assessment of which of your products could receive a huge boost from social media influencers to make your own Instagram success story.

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