What We Do

What We Do

CPGIO is the #1 Consumer Packaged Goods online distributor and 3PL.  We help brands list, optimize, and fulfill across the leading 3P marketplaces and Shopify.

 eCommerce Operations as a Service OaaS

The time for Operations as a Service has never been more relevant. The many moving parts, portals, and specializations required to build complex eCommerce strategies can be challenging for manufacturers. 

CPGIO makes it easy to turn on fully managed channels and fulfillment ops as a service. Our human-powered platform is a one-stop shop for brands looking to engineer online sales. 

Our Philosophy

Account management, data analysis, and project management is the essence of CPGIO's ops platform. We give brands the resources and tools necessary to achieve ambitious goals. 

Enabling Brand & Product Opportunities

For over a decade, the world’s leading CPG brands have entrusted CPGIO with their direct fulfillment, 3P marketplace management, and marketing.

As such, we are considered the #1 CPG-focused player with scalable and repeatable strategies that enhance business operations.

Our Core Capabilities

The CPGIO platform simplifies new channel expansion, item building, and seasonal planning. Each of our four central departments are highly interoperable, making planned expansion a breeze. 

Sales Channel Integrations

We enable online vendors' expedited integration to over 70 sales channels with expert catalog management, product setup, and support.

Whether you want to sell your products on your website, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Shopify, Commerce Hub, or other online retailers, our omni-channel integration services optimize your brand on every channel to maximize competitiveness.

Fulfillment & Store Operations

Built on a large scale, in-house CPG fulfillment center, our distribution platform is equipped with high-touch capabilities, customer service, and the ability to make purchase orders or do consignment 3PL.


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