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Decoding Amazon ROAS: Insights for Emerging Brands

David Arndt, Author David F Arndt, David Arndt Content Marketing Manager
David Arndt Content Marketing Manager

Explore the evolving landscape of ROAS on Amazon, a crucial metric for brands aiming for online retail success. Learn how understanding ROAS's role in the Amazon ecosystem is vital for strategic growth, and discover CPGIO’s role in navigating these intricate...

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). While ROAS is undeniably significant, it's essential to understand how it fits into the broader eCommerce landscape. This article aims to shed light on the intricate dynamics of ROAS within the Amazon ecosystem, providing brands with clear insights and actionable strategies. CPGIO is here to help navigate this terrain together.

The New Brand Challenge on Amazon

Brands venturing into Amazon enter a competitive domain, with countless products vying for attention. Brands compete fiercely for visibility as consumers discover, try out, and share their experiences. This initial phase often results in a high ROAS. However, as Amazon's algorithms evaluate elements like CTR, Conversion Rates, and Review quality, they sketch out your brand's product-market fit. This fit is pivotal in determining your brand's growth on the platform and influencing ROAS.

From Ground Zero to Dominance: A Journey of Investment and Visibility

Starting from Ground Zero, every brand on Amazon faces the challenge of introducing itself to an audience likely unfamiliar with its offerings. This path demands a strategic push, emphasizing consistent investment in visibility, compelling pricing, and promotions. Passive strategies won't cut it. The goal is not just to be seen but to persuade the vast Amazon audience to engage with the product. Once a brand starts gaining traction and consistently engages its customers, Amazon recognizes this and begins to boost the brand's placement and search rankings. Thus, a proactive approach is the key to transitioning from an unknown entity to a recognized and trusted name on Amazon.

Mastering the Pricing Game

In the CPG and grocery landscape, pricing is more than just a figure—it's a deliberate tactic. This is particularly true when aiming for repeat business. For instance, some emerging brands introduce 1-Packs at prices that barely cover costs. This is a strategic move, betting on customers returning for larger 2 or 3-Packs once they're acquainted with the product. Conversely, well-established brands might confidently set a higher price for single units, banking on their strong brand equity to attract clicks and immediately encourage upsizing. Simply put, the displayed price is crucial in driving potential customers to your product page, and brands employ varied strategies to optimize this initial interaction.

Unraveling the ROAS Enigma

Brands hoping to pinpoint exact ROAS, ACOS, or TACOS metrics for a new venture on Amazon may find themselves navigating a sea of uncertainty. Due to the interplay of factors such as pricing strategies, product-market fit, and investment speed, these metrics can't be pinned down easily. Though we can extract some insights from available data, these conclusions are only as solid as the strategies they're based upon. A common pitfall is relying too heavily on industry benchmarks without adjusting for one's unique brand context. The underlying truth? Brands grounded in robust customer acquisition and experience strategies tend to establish themselves effectively on Amazon. This might require an emphasis on long-term visions over short-term gains.

Collaborate, Strategize, and Scale with CPGIO

At CPGIO, we don't just observe the game; we're part of it. Our marketing group works relentlessly, hand-in-hand with brands, helping them navigate the Amazon and DTC terrain. From offering insights to executing sharp strategies, we're committed to guiding brands at every step. Our ultimate aim? To graduate brands from 3P markets to the lucrative realm of 1P, unlocking the trifecta of attractive consumer prices, expedient shipping, and unmatched marketing performance.


Starting out on your Amazon and DTC journey is not merely about crunching numbers or optimizing ROAS. It's about a holistic understanding of market dynamics, crafting a resonant strategy, and executing it with precision. With the right partners and an unwavering focus on long-term growth and customer engagement, brands don't just thrive; they lead.

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