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Logistics Turnaround: Unpacking SweetLeaf's Remarkable 3PL E-commerce Overhaul

Join us as we unravel the SweetLeaf story, a journey of strategic e-commerce transformation and logistics excellence. Learn how our 3PL solutions catapulted SweetLeaf to new heights of online success, and find out how CPGIO can do the same for...


At the close of 2019, SweetLeaf engaged CPGIO to undertake a significant project. Their aim was to overhaul their e-commerce operations, elevate their online market presence, and drive sales growth within an ambitious 60-day window. This mission required a comprehensive approach, encompassing advanced e-commerce tactics and seamless logistics integration.


SweetLeaf faced the dual challenge of optimizing their online platform for increased sales while managing the complexities of inventory, fulfillment, and multi-channel distribution. They needed a solution that could not only revamp their online sales tactics but also handle the intricate logistics involved with such a transformation.


CPGIO stepped in as SweetLeaf's trusted 3PL partner, delivering an end-to-end solution. We introduced a sophisticated multi-pack product offering, enhancing customer choice and addressing diverse needs, which was pivotal for market differentiation.

To deepen customer engagement, we employed strategic incentives such as a tiered discount system and a free shipping threshold on orders over $25. These tactics incentivized higher volume purchases and fostered brand loyalty.

A critical component of our strategy was diversifying SweetLeaf's sales channels. We provided comprehensive fulfillment support for their QVC and HSN segments, managing the ebb and flow of order volumes with agility. Our multi-channel expertise also extended to maintaining account health and compliance on major online platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

On the logistics front, SweetLeaf capitalized on CPGIO's Midwest storage facility, vital for streamlined inventory control. Our commitment to same-day shipping was crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and punctual delivery, enhancing SweetLeaf's market reputation.


The partnership's crowning achievement was the record-breaking 60-day period from concept to operational launch, enabling SweetLeaf to quickly benefit from their new e-commerce strategy. This swift execution was crucial in the fast-paced e-commerce sector.

The collaboration with CPGIO did not end post-launch. We continued to manage order fulfillment and customer service, driving ongoing optimization for SweetLeaf's product offerings. Our exhaustive approach as a 3PL provider and our nuanced understanding of consumer expectations have guaranteed that each product reaches customers in peak condition.

The CPGIO Edge:

Our success with SweetLeaf is a testament to the CPGIO advantage in the 3PL e-commerce sector. Despite aggressive timelines, our unwavering dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction stands out. With a track record of converting e-commerce challenges into success stories, CPGIO is the partner of choice for brands aiming to escalate their e-commerce footprint.

Engage with CPGIO:

Reach out to us for a bespoke demonstration of how CPGIO can revolutionize your e-commerce logistics. Embark on your path to digital triumph and let us orchestrate your next success story.

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