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Navigating Brand Protection and Integrity on Amazon

Facing the challenge of counterfeit products and unauthorized resellers on Amazon, our brand took decisive action to protect our reputation and market presence in the consumer packaged goods industry. We conducted a comprehensive campaign, conducting in-depth audits to identify and...


CPGIO, a dominant player in the consumer packaged goods industry, offers a diverse array of products spanning numerous categories. Despite being a respected online retailer, CPGIO's accelerated growth on Amazon sparked challenges that threatened its brand reputation and overall sales performance.

As CPGIO's influence expanded, they faced a growing influx of counterfeit products and unauthorized resellers. These malicious entities aimed to mimic the CPGIO brand, exploiting the trust and credibility built over the years. Recognizing the urgent need for robust protective measures, CPGIO took matters into its own hands, devising a comprehensive strategy to safeguard our client’s brand and market standing.

Amazon Seller Protections


In-depth Audit and Detection of Counterfeit and Unauthorized Sellers

CPGIO proactively conducted meticulous audits to identify counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers listed under their brand on Amazon. These comprehensive scans meticulously swept through their digital presence, unearthing potential threats to their brand integrity.

Strategic IP Protections and Enforcement of Seller Policy Violations

CPGIO deployed robust enforcement strategies, taking a proactive stance against counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers. Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to brand protection, CPGIO launched rigorous enforcement actions, combating IP violations and seller policy infringements.

Amazon Seller Protections


Our diligent efforts paid off, yielding remarkable results for three of our clients:

Robust Audit Process

The in-depth auditing conducted by CPGIO covered 1244 listings on Amazon. This exhaustive process allowed for a comprehensive overview of the state of the market and provided the necessary insights to devise effective enforcement strategies.

High Enforcement Close Rate

An essential metric in understanding the success of their protective measures was the enforcement close rate. The 86.03% close rate demonstrated the effectiveness of CPGIO's strategies. This impressive figure showcases their ability to resolve a high proportion of cases, helping to maintain brand integrity.

Amazon Unauthorized Seller Protections

Elimination of Unauthorized Sellers

Perhaps one of the most significant achievements was the removal of 268 unauthorized sellers. This outcome played a crucial role in restoring customer trust and preserving CPGIO's brand reputation.

Unauthorized Amazon Seller Removal

Extensive Listing Removal

In a separate enforcement operation, CPGIO successfully removed 3235 listings from Amazon. This act significantly reduced the prevalence of counterfeit and unauthorized products on the platform, further safeguarding the brand.

Amazon Rogue Seller Removal

Further Reduction in Unauthorized Sellers

Additionally, 387 unauthorized sellers were eliminated from the platform. This result further contributed to a safer, more secure marketplace for CPGIO's customers.

Impressive Close Rate in Third Operation

In a third enforcement effort, CPGIO achieved an impressive enforcement close rate of 96.37%. This improvement indicates that the company's enforcement actions have become more effective over time.

Significant Decrease in Listings: In the same operation, 1061 listings were successfully removed from Amazon. This massive reduction in unauthorized listings demonstrates the ongoing effectiveness of CPGIO's strategies.


CPGIO's self-driven and innovative enforcement strategy delivered a significant victory in its battle against brand infringement. By successfully identifying and removing unauthorized resellers and counterfeit products, they significantly bolstered their brand reputation and marketplace performance.

The substantial improvement in their enforcement close rates, the decrease in unauthorized sellers, and the enhanced integrity of their brand listings on Amazon stand as a testament to their strategic foresight and resilience.

Facing escalating online threats, CPGIO continues to invest in its internal brand protection strategies, paving the way for further growth and success in the online marketplace.

Protect Your Brand's Integrity on Amazon

Don't let counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers tarnish your brand's reputation and reduce your revenue. Trust in proven strategies like CPGIO's to safeguard your marketplace standing and ensure long-term success.

Ready to fortify your brand's presence on Amazon? Let's collaborate to craft a tailor-made enforcement strategy for you. Request a quote or schedule a demo to take the first step towards a more secure and profitable online marketplace!

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