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Get more points of distribution and continuously optimize.

Load inventory in CPG.IO's fulfillment center and build listings on dozens of eRetail channels.

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Virtual Points of Distribution

With more than 15 major eRetail partners, our VPD’s are increasing all the time. With each new VPD, your brand can explore a new type of customer, test different price points and even develop credibility as your brand sees more adoption.

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Item Setup

Getting a new item on the virtual shelf, and setup in our ERP, so it's ready for the omni-channel, is something we do fast. Brands that work with CPG.IO can expect great speed to shelf times, along with elaborate auditing abilities, all with ownership of getting the job done.

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Category Management

CPG.IO has vast knowledge of the major CPG and Grocery categories. We take credit for originally helping Amazon define their Grocery category taxonomy - deciding which products will work best in various categories. Over time, winning over critical categories and moving up the ranks are all part of our long-term distribution process.

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Pack Configurations

Finding the right value or variety pack for consumers may require additional configuration after manufacturing, or for us to break cases. CPG.IO can make recommendations on how consumers prefer to purchase your goods, or work with your new ideas.

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Marketing Opportunities

Each eRetail partner offers numerous promotion opportunities and programs. CPG.IO can help you understand and leverage the many ways to offer coupons, discounts, rewards and other special incentives for purchasing your goods, and help you fully setup, turn-on and manage your promotions over time.

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Customer Support

As your online sales grow across the omni-channel, each channel will likely develop customer support inquiries. CPG.IO can manage all your customer support needs across all channels, helping you keep a clean scorecard, which is utmost important to our eRetail partners.

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Reporting & Insights

Keep track of your ROA, funnels, traffic and more with our Reporting and Insights dashboard. Design reports based on KPI's that you're passionate about.

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