Influencer Inspired New Product Sells 24 Thousand Units in an Hour

Variety is the ‘Spice’ of Life

Creating a new limited edition product and building anticipation before launch to ensure a successful campaign is a challenge for every company, large or small.

Innovation is the key to success. The pairing of an influencer inspired new product developed through the collaboration of an internationally recognized social media influencer, major spice brand & CPG.IO directly led to a coordinated & successful launch that exceeded expectations. 

From the pairing of a highly engaged TikTok personality, social media followers and a targeted marketing campaign to a custom designed box and packaging & fast fulfillment, end to end, everything needed to be perfect.

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Spices are one of the oldest traded commodities.

From the common spices like salt & pepper to mixes and rubs that bring out the perfect flavor, continual evaluation and innovation even in one of the oldest traded industries can prove to be very lucrative.


Whether you own a small business selling a few products or you own an internationally recognized spice brand, combining a social media influencer & a new product idea, when managed appropriately & aggressively, can achieve amazing success in a short period of time. 

Our case study involves the creation of a new, limited run, influencer-inspired spice with very close collaboration between CPG.IO, an internationally recognized spice brand and a social media influencer with over 10 million highly engaged followers.

Utilizing well known social media influencers and their ideas in conjunction with a coordinated marketing campaign can create the perfect advertising storm. 

Not only does it build excitement for your product pre-launch for additional free exposure through comment engagement, likes & social sharing, but it pays off dividends with every sign up, which in turn, leads to a potential sale.

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CPG Challenges

Bringing Attention & Building Excitement

Partnering with the right social media influencer adds trust, authority & excitement to your brand by association. However, just having a popular name behind your product doesn’t automatically guarantee a successful launch.

Project Management is critical!

From procurement & packaging to promotions, project management was critical to bring together a unified brand vision with brilliant influencer inspired packaging.

Close coordination with the brand, influencer & CPG.IO was critical to a successful launch. 

Creating A Unique Product Experience

Including custom packaging including tissue, insert & product in custom box to promote the brand and capture additional sales.

Since this was a new, limited edition product with custom product labels, box & inserts, close coordination in a short period of time led to beautiful packaging and a unique purchase experience.  

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They  helped us establish our online presence and social marketing team at CPG.IO got us engaged in all the right places. 

– Gigi VP Marketing @  La Preferida 

Campaign Results

On launch day, with a limited purchasing window of only one hour, over 25 thousand units were sold.

A product created by an extremely well-known TikTok & Facebook personality with over 10 million followers, led to over 60 thousand initial email list sign ups for the new spices.

Prioritized project management led to the creation of beautiful packaging to complement the new product launch with scaled, temporary labor to handle product packaging and distribution.

Make Every Product Launch a Successful One

Whether you’re launching your first product or your one hundredth, you need a dedicated marketing, advertising and distribution team that gives your brand everything it needs to succeed, all under one roof.

Contact CPG.IO today to learn how we list, optimize & fulfill your new and existing products better to help you earn more, and sell more online.



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