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Let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders - let CPG.IO manage the process, labelling and replenishment.

If you're small and sending a few items to FBA, that's great. If you're expanding, have a full catalog and want to run a multi-channel eRetail strategy, CPG.IO can help you scale with FBA. There's also things Amazon can't do, that you're DC's may not want to bother with either, so letting CPG.IO take care of the multipacks, variety packs, custom packaging and labelling equates to a lot off your plate.

When an item starts to perform well, CPG.IO will send your inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, so they can manage shipping and returns from customers. CPG.IO will control how much inventory to send to Amazon's fulfillment centers, as well as labelling and new ASIN creation.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), managed by CPG.IO

CPG.IO can help you create your FBA product listings, prepare your FBA products, configurations and pack sizes and ship your FBA products to Amazon.

With FBA your products are automatically eligible for Amazon Prime free two-day shipping and other Prime benefits such as free shipping and increased chances of winning the Buy Box. With Prime, you’ll likely sell more inventory since your product is associated with Amazon.

In competitive situations, with FBA, CPG.IO has greater chances of getting the “Buy Box” on Amazon, which dramatically increases sales. On behalf of your brand, as a 3rd party seller, CPG.IO completely manages the entire process.

Benefits of a 1st party strategy

  • Receive bulk purchase orders, easy.
  • Listing optimization by Amazon's internal merchandising team.
  • Listing priority since Amazon is incentivized to sell through your inventory.
  • Credibility for your brand among skeptical and careful consumers.

CPG.IO facilitates this entire process, from registration to sending off your goods to Amazon. Our Vendor Central expertise has helped well over 500 brands execute against quotas and goals, with a clean scorecard and reputation with Amazon.

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