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CPG.IO Shopping Cart and Brand Store Services

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Shopping Carts

Lift and shift any platform onto CPG.IO seamlessly or build a custom solution from the ground up with the platform of your choice. We could also go completely headless with an API instance of your cart. Either way, we're aligned on creating a unique experience for your customers with a high performing shopping cart back-end with robust tools and reporting.

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Outsource all your tedious maintenance, page updates and seasonal eCommerce operations to CPG.IO and let our trained execution team manage the day-to-day upkeep of running an online store. This service includes hosting, monitoring, backups, product updates, list pruning, automated emails, troubleshooting, fine-tuning and more.

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Project Incubation

Your innovation team can rely on CPG.IO to incubate and nurture your new site and business model, until it has legs and earns more attention. Major corporations can rely on CPG.IO to assign full-time experts to projects to iterate like startups until something truly magical is discovered.

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Multivariate Testing

Invariably, your landing pages and buy pages need some help. When it’s never quite clear to anyone what exactly is the issue, multivariate tests come in handy; they give both our teams the ability to test out various factors in a controlled environment to troubleshoot what’s holding customers back.

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Reporting & Optimization

Regardless of the solution you build, expect accurate and useful dashboards to report key metrics and sales data, lead captures, momentum and trends. Decide how often you want reporting and with pinpoint details, or even let us guide your entire reporting strategy.

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Design Services

Our custom projects division does work for all CPG brands in America both large and small. We're always interested in the next new experience for CPG customers online and are excited to talk about your next RFP. Get a swift capabilities pitch and rapid discovery from us for FREE.

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When ready for primetime, CPG.IO's managed hosting solutions ensure PCI DSS compliance, off-site backups and rigorous security, including SLA requirements and even your custom corporate guidelines.

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