A Spicy Launch: 50,000 New Hot Sauce Bottles Sold & Fulfilled in 1 Week

A New Hot Sauce Line

CPG.IO initially partnered with a major brand to launch their line of new Hot Sauce.

The initial January 2020 launch only included 800 bottles, but were sold out in mere minutes, which left the brand’s audience wanting more.

As we worked with the brand on their second launch in June 2020, we were fully prepared to meet the red hot demand for the second wave.

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Unexpected Demand for Their New Hot Sauce

When the hot sauce initially launched in January of 2020, nobody expected the product to have the demand that it did.

Within minutes, thousands of customers flooded the website, resulting in the site crashing.

Dozens of articles and videos on the web raved about the hot sauce and the limited supply, resulting in growing interest.

Campaign Adjustments

When a larger restock arrived at our warehouse, CPG.IO was ready.

During the first launch, customers who did not have the chance to buy were prompted to a mailing list—50,000 people signed up for this option.

In order to match the anticipated demand, we switched e-commerce platforms — moving to Shopify to handle the scaling issue with the previous launch. 


Promoting a new hot sauce
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Launch Day

With the adjustments made, we were confident in our ability to handle the high demand that was sure to follow.

In under 24 hours, 12,000 orders came in. With the new platform, we had no issues in handling the website traffic and number of shipments.

In that first week, all 50,000 bottles sold out. 

New Hot sauce Launch, Hot sauce launch case study
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CPGIO provided us with valuable data insights  so we could optimize every aspect of our digital business
– Kristen Politzer @Urban Moonshine

Campaign Results

Anticipating a large amount of orders requiring fulfillment in a relatively short period of time, we were able to expedite the process through pre-packing and pooling resources together to get the orders out efficiently — including having an additional twenty employees packing hot sauce for a day.

As always, we enjoyed working with the brand managing their direct to consumer sites.
The unanticipated issues we experienced in the initial launch were remedied in the second, resulting in a major win for the brand.

Overall, we were extremely happy with the launch and its great success.

Coordinated Marketing & Fulfillment Services for Direct to Consumer Brands

CPG.IO is at the forefront in the world of direct to consumer shopping.

The hot sauce launch is just one example showcasing our experience in creating and running custom built websites, managing fulfillment, and getting products to consumers in record times. 

Omni-Channel Marketing Services

Located in Addison, IL and founded in 2012, CPG.IO is rapidly growing. As a one-stop omni-channel, optimization and fulfillment partner, CPG.IO  specializes in working with our clients from website to warehouse, marketing to fulfillment.

In addition to being a Top 60 Amazon site, we also work with websites such as Walmart.com and Targert.com in order to give our client’s a wide net. 

With in house marketing, web design teams, an experienced customer service department, and social media specialists, we pride ourselves in having a comprehensive scope in the world of consumer goods. CPG.IO does more than just fulfill.

We optimize product campaigns, monitor growth, troubleshoot problems, and offer advanced marketing services. Contact us today for a free brand analysis.


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Hot Sauce Product Launch, Successful hot sauce product launches, new hot sauce

A Spicy Launch: 50,000 Hot Sauce Bottles Sold & Fulfilled in 1 Week

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